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Nail Polish Library is an app I made to solve a problem. I worked at a Salon as a Receptionist and Beauty Consultant and I often heard my coworkers say how they liked a polish, but they weren't sure if they already owned it or one similar. I figured, "Hey, I can write something to keep track of that".

It tracks all the nail polish you own. You can add polishes manually or via barcode. Barcodes can also be used as a quick way to let you know you already own a polish before you buy it. You can sort by lots of different critera and even take photos of looks you've made with a particular polish.

The app was conceived June 27 2016, and I will be releasing my first version to the app store around September 20th.

Nail Polish Library

My first official Android app!

Nail polish appNail polish appNail polish app


I make sites responsive for every device!





Downbeat Technologies

A simple and clean site for the finished project of some friends.

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Generic Bakery Shop

A fake bakery I created to test some elements that a shop might request, like an online ordering section and location with a map.

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This is for an up and coming release of Needs a bit more work, and isn't online yet.

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x v2

The second version of my site. Made clumsily and with a bit of bloat, but got the job done.

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x v1

The first site I completed. I used Bootstrap and managed to get familiar with some basics.

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More to be added...

This is where I showcase the websites I have worked on. Starting at the most recent, and moving back in time showing my growth from very humble beginnings. I design sites that are responsive, which means they scale down from desktop to mobile seamlessly.

I'm familiar with web frameworks like Foundation, Bootstrap, Toast, Slim, and Sass. I use media queries when needed to build a responsive and fluid design (try resizing the window and see). I use Photoshop for basic graphics and mock-ups, while I use InkScape for scalable vector graphics, which are great for logos.

I'm familiar with many lanuages, and I'm able to learn a new one quite quickly. My strongest languages are Java, C, PHP, HTML, CSS, and Python. I'm also familiar with other programming languages and frameworks like: Javascript, jQuery, C#, Visual Basic, Ruby, and Rails. I've used WordPress and Heroku for my projects. I'm an avid Github and Gitlab user in addition.

I've managed a small team of devs for a school web application project as well.

Other Projects

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